Fun Family Activities To Do During Quarantine

Posted on June 16, 2020 by in COVID-19

Kids are stuck inside, can’t be with their friends, play sports, or do normal “kid things.”

The quarantine is tough for everyone in the family including the adults and the kids. If you are running out of ideas to keep them occupied, here are some fun activities to do during quarantine. Call Pendleton Family Medicine today at (541) 276-1700 if you would like more helpful tips or ideas for family activities!

  1. Have kids draw pictures and write notes to Grandma or Pop-Pop to send them during the quarantine. No emails or texts, real paper and pencils instead.
  2. Conduct a family meeting and ask everyone to suggest an activity you can do together. Then do each one over the next few days.
  3. Use Skype and/or FaceTime to video chat with cousins and other family members about what they are doing at home.
  4. Have children sing their favorite song and video it – then put on FaceBook.
  5. Watch a happy movie together with kids.
  6. Teach kids how to make face masks for the quarantine.
  7. Have your kids paint each other’s fingers and toes — or maybe even yours!
  8. Have each family member write down the top 5 or 10 things they are grateful for then read them out loud.
  9. Watch Frozen 2 (you might even get to watch it about 500 times if your kid really enjoys it!)
  10. Play board games like Scrabble and Pictionary.
  11. Bake cookies or brownies together.
  12. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
  13. Have everyone list the first 5 things you want to do after the quarantine is over, including you.
  14. Enjoy the Mad Scientist Color Wheel with those 6 and under.
  15. If you have a backyard, try bubble prints to send to Grandma.
  16. Watch the jellyfish webcam at the Georgia Aquarium. There are others too!
  17. Wash your hands after every activity. Explain to the kids why this is important during the quarantine AND all the time.
  18. Have a dance party every day around 30 minutes before nap time.
  19. Have everyone write a mini book about their experiences in quarantine. They can draw pictures like a coloring book. Then put them in a safe place and pick a date in the future to read them.
  20. Have a “play checkers” time. Teach the little ones who don’t know how.
  21. Teach everyone to play Charades.
  22. Everyone will love watching animals, especially puppies on a webcam.
  23. If you live near birds, pick out 3 of the ones kids can see, and have them draw a picture and do some research. Then write 3-5 facts about them.
  24. Wash your hands again!!

We have to get through this healthy and with a smile, so find ways to keep a smile on your face and your child’s.

Contact your child’s pediatrician at Pendleton Family Medicine for suggestions if your children are becoming irritable, fearful, or having trouble sleeping during the quarantine. Call us at (541) 276-1700 and schedule your appointment today!